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“Wayne has assisted my family twice with real estate transactions. There are no other options for us when it comes to buying or selling a home. Wayne gives clear advice that is based off of years of experience. I was given three weeks’ notice that I had to move my family far away from North Carolina for a military move. I had Wayne come over and provide his suggestions. We then made all of the recommended changes, put our house on the market and moved. Five short weeks later we got an offer that we accepted. We could not have done this without Wayne’s dedication, responsiveness and understanding.  This kind of result does not come by accident in a down economy. He is truly an asset to anyone looking to buy or sell a home and comes with our highest recommendations.”

Will and Kelly – Tharp Group Clients

Type: Single Family Residence
Address: 125 Fairway Drive
City: Bermuda Run

Subdivision: Bermuda Rune
Total Htd SqFt: 2010
Stories: 1.0

Year Built/Info:1979/ Existing
Closed Price: $190,000

Type: Single Family Residence
Address: 6105 Brinkley Park Drive
City: Belews Creek

Subdivision: Brinkley Estates
Total Htd SqFt: 1259
Stories: 1.0

Year Built/Info: 1987/ Existing
Closed Price: $126,000

Type: Single Family Residence
Address: 1511 Carters Grove Road
City: Clemmons

Subdivision: Carters Grove
Total Htd SqFt: 4239
Stories: 2.0

Year Built/Info: 1990/ Existing
Closed Price: $467,900

Type: Single Family Residence
Address: 520 W Brunswick St.
City: Southport

Subdivision: None
Total Htd SqFt: 3950
Stories: 2.0

Year Built/Info: 2000./ Existing
Closed Price: $1,100,000

Type: Single
Address: 1760 Huntington Woods Court
City: Winston-Salem

Subdivision: Huntington Woods
Total Htd SqFt: 3074
Stories: 2.0 with Basement

Year Built/Info: 1992/ Existing
Closed Price: $285,000

Type: Single
Address: 3826 Crosland Road
City: Winston-Salem

Subdivision: Old Town Heights
Total Htd SqFt: 1456
Stories: 1.0

Year Built/Info: 1959/ Existing
Closed Price: $56,000

Type: Town Home
Address: 626 Riverbend Drive
City: Bermuda Run

Subdivision: The Lakes/Bermuda Run
Total Htd SqFt: 2145
Stories: 1.5

Year Built/Info: 1975/ Existing
Closed Price: $184,000

Type: Single
Address: 2320 Elizabeth Avenue
City: Winston-Salem

Subdivision: Ardmore
Total Htd SqFt: 1658
Stories: 1.0

Year Built/Info: 1930 / Existing
Closed Price: $268,000

626 Riverbend Drive

Type: Waterfront Lot
Address: 512 Brunswick Street
City: Southport, NC

Subdivision: N/A
Total Htd SqFt: N/A
Stories: N/A

Year Built/Info: N/A
Closed Price: $429,000

Type: Single
Address: 118 Raintree
City: Advance

Subdivision: Raintree Estates
Total Htd SqFt: 2626
Stories: 2

Year Built/Info: 1985 / Existing
Closed Price: $215,000

131 Turnwood Lane

Type: Condo
Address: 131 Turnwood Lane
City: Winston-Salem

Subdivision: Raintree
Total Htd SqFt: 983
Stories: 1


Year Built/Info: 1979 / Existing
Closed Price: $50,500

132 Turnwood Lane

Type: Condominium
Address: 132 Turnwood Lane
City: Winston Salem


Subdivision: Raintree Sec 02
Total Htd SqFt: 983
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1979 / Existing
Closed Price: $55,000

1906 Elizabeth Avenue

Type: Single
Address: 1906 Elizabeth Avenue
City: Winston Salem 

Subdivision: Ardmore Add Sec 03
Total Htd SqFt: 1618
Stories: 2

Year Built/Info: 1925 / Existing
Closed Price: $149,000

397 North Green Street
Type: Condominium
Address: 397 N Green Street
City: Winston Salem

Subdivision: West End Village
Total Htd SqFt: 1484
Stories: 3

Year Built/Info: 2006 / Existing
Closed Price: $195,000

247 Spyglass Drive

Type: Townhouse
Address: 247 Spyglass Drive
City: Bermuda Run

Subdivision: Bermuda Run
Total Htd SqFt: 1912
Stories: 1.5

Year Built/Info: 1983 / Existing
Closed Price: $170,000

4524 Logan Creek Road
Type: Single
Address: 4524 Logan Creek Road
City: East Bend

Subdivision: Z D Hoots
Total Htd SqFt: 1632
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1982 / Existing
Closed Price: $137,500

3961 Westridge Meadow Circle

Type: Condominium
Address: 3961 Westridge Meadow Circle
City: Clemmons

Subdivision: Westridge Condos Ph 12
Total Htd SqFt: 1199
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1994 / Existing
Closed Price: $96,500

 349 West
Type: Single
Address: 349 West
City: Winston-Salem

Subdivision: Lookout Hills Estates Sec 02
Total Htd SqFt: 1450
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1960 / Existing
Closed Price: $68,000

268 Spyglass Drive

Type: Single
Address: 268 Spyglass Drive
City: Advance

Subdivision: Bermuda Run/Spyglass Hill
Total Htd SqFt: 2449
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1980 / Existing
Closed Price: $259,100

181 Spyglass Drive
Type: Townhouse
Address: 181 Spyglass Drive
City: Advance

Subdivision: Bermuda Run/Spyglass Hill
Total Htd SqFt: 1716
Stories: 1.5

Year Built/Info: 1983 / Existing
Closed Price: $145,000

118 Raintree Road

Type: Single
Address: 118 Raintree Road
City: Advance

Subdivision: Raintree Estates
Total Htd SqFt: 2605
Stories: 2

Year Built/Info: 1985 / Existing
Closed Price: $182,500

195 Spyglass Drive

Type: Townhouse
Address: 195 Spyglass Drive
City: Advance

Subdivision: Bermuda Run-Spyglass Hill
Total Htd SqFt: 1500 – 1900
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1982 / Estimated
Closed Price: $124,500

3816 L Country Club Road

Type: Condominium
Address: 3816 L Country Club Road
City: Winston-Salem

Subdivision: Salem Square
Total Htd SqFt: 500 – 700
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1967 / Estimated
Closed Price: $25,000

5008 Longbrook Circle

Type: Single
Address: 5008 Longbrook Circle
City: Winston-Salem

Subdivision: Monticello Section No. 1
Total Htd SqFt: 1100 – 1300
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1958 / Existing
Closed Price: $35,000

3830 Country Club Road

Type: Condominium
Address: 3830 Country Club Road
City: Winston-Salem

Subdivision: Salem Square
Total Htd SqFt: 700-900
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1967 / Existing
Closed Price: $29,750

104 Mimosa Place
Type: Townhouse
Address: 104 Mimosa Place
City: Bermuda Run

Subdivision: Spyglass Hill
Total Htd SqFt: 1525
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1983 / Existing
Closed Price: $110,000

178 Spyglass

Type: Transitional
Address: 178 Spyglass
City: Advance

Subdivision: Bermuda Run
Total Htd SqFt: 2039
Stories: 1

Year Built/Info: 1982 / Existing
Closed Price: $135,000

594 Riverbend Drive

Type: Condominium
Address: 594 Riverbend Drive
City: Advance

Subdivision: Bermuda Run
Total Htd SqFt: 1738
Stories: 1.5

Year Built/Info: 1971 / Existing
Closed Price: $155,500


The right man for the job.

After years of visiting the beaches of Oak Island, we decided to purchase a property there.  We started looking on the internet and saw several places of interest but did not have the time or the knowledge to go beyond looking.  Wayne Tharp was recommended to us by one of his customers.  We gave Wayne a call and he immediately went to work by sending us listings that met our criteria.  Wayne was very flexible and met us several weekends to tour multiple properties.  Wayne is very knowledgeable about the area and he offered generous guidance about home construction and was quick to point out problem areas.  We liked his patience and felt he was helping us make our choice and never felt pressured to settle.  Wayne cares about his customer’s satisfaction and worked hard to find alternatives.  We finally found the perfect place and agreed on an offer to purchase.  He guided us during the diligence process all the way to the closing.  We could not be more happy with the house and our choice to use Wayne Tharp as our home consultant.  We highly recommend Wayne as the right man for the job, he is extremely knowledgeable and a true professional.


David and Karen Bennett

David and Karen Bennett

Caswell Beach, NC

Wayne Tharp is the best!  Our family had the task of finding and buying a “down size” fixer upper and selling our existing home this year.  We started looking for a home in Clemmons, NC to fix up in 2016.  Wayne worked with us for almost a year until we found just the right one.  He was ready and willing to look at anything we wanted to go see.  Wayne is not just a realtor but also has a background in inspecting homes so he was on the lookout for any potential issues when we looked at homes to buy.  From the foundation to the roof he was unbelievable thorough.  That’s an attribute you want to have on your side with you are purchasing a home.  We found the perfect home and Wayne helped us navigate the purchase.  There were several buyers that were interested but we came out on top because of Wayne’s advice.  Once we were ready to sell our existing home he was right there with us too.  He gave us advice on staging, pricing and marketing.  Our home sold in 3 and 1/2 weeks and closed without any problems.  There were the normal back and forth issues between sellers and the buyers but nothing that Wayne could not talk us through and advise us on.  We would recommend Wayne to anyone buying or selling without hesitation.  Bob and Michele West Bob and Michele West

Clemmons, NC

Living several states from the house I needed to sell in Winston-Salem had the potential to be emotionally and logistically very stressful. With Wayne as my agent it was neither. His commitment to caring for and selling my empty house went above and beyond anything I could have anticipated. Wayne kept me informed on all details related to the house with regular weekly emails and promptly communicated whenever anything came up. He made sure the house was maintained inside and out, bringing me reasonable quotes for outside contractors when necessary and offering to do quite a bit of odd jobs himself. I am convinced that Wayne saved me hundreds of dollars and hours of my time. When my father and fiancé did travel to the house to spend several days fixing things up, Wayne was quick to offer his services in whatever way he could, lending them ladders and lights, and even finishing a bit of paint work that they weren’t able to stay long enough to do themselves. Anyone would be lucky to have Wayne as their selling agent. Winston-Salem is blessed to have him. The world needs more professionals like him. Jennifer Gardner

Galesville, MD

Wayne Tharp is a consummate professional. He follows up on every aspect of a sale/purchase with courtesy and professionalism. He responds to every request and question a client has in a timely manner. He is knowledgeable about the market, and takes the time to understand his client’s needs. He is a very warm person and is easy to work with. I can’t say enough about how his dedication, hard work, flexibility, and willingness to “go the extra mile” made my dealings with him very pleasant. He is one of the best examples of what a good real estate agent should be. Debby Spannraft

Milwaukee, WI

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Your kindness and understanding of my personal needs made one of life’s most stressful events, enjoyable.

I appreciated your professional demeanor at all times. I always felt confident in the decisions we made together, as a team.

Thank you again, my daughter and I could not be happier in our home.

Danielle Virtue

When my husband and I started looking for a home, we knew one thing: by the time our lease was up in September, we did not want to continue paying rent. We did not know how to start looking for houses, how much we could afford or what the home buying process even looked like. Making the leap into home ownership seemed intimidating and we were feeling overwhelmed.

After meeting Wayne, my trepidation began to melt away. He embodies southern charm, with its genuineness and kind manner, and combines it with a thorough wealth of knowledge of the real estate profession. He is also a real straight shooter. He was always honest with us, and we felt that we could trust him immediately. He never once tried to talk us into buying something above our price range and even helped us go over our budget to help us determine how much home we could realistically afford.

He sat down with me one evening after work and talked me through everything, from what our ideal new home would be, to explaining a general timeline for the process, to defining the inevitable legal and real estate jargon we would encounter. Despite the fact that I barraged him with questions that evening and over the entire course of the home buying search, Wayne patiently, thoroughly and promptly answered every single one.

Perhaps what impressed us the most about Wayne was how much time he was willing to spend with us: answering questions, touring homes, answering more questions, touring more homes… despite the fact that we were far from ever being one of his biggest clients. He was always available to show us a new place or talk with us, and always willing to go that extra mile. In fact, he often did; driving out with us to homes that were twenty and thirty miles out, just see if maybe our dream home could be found in Sauk City or Edgerton.

Wayne held our hand through the entire process and was truly our ally. He deserves a gold medal for working with us and we truly appreciate all of his efforts to put us in our very first home.

Chris and Melissa Gavin

Madison, WI

Wayne Tharp is one-stop shopping–a dream-come-true for house hunters with a budget in mind. With Wayne you get this incredibly experienced real estate expert who is also a licensed building contractor and former banker. Wayne was able to advise us on cost and practicality of possible renovations we wanted on various houses we looked at. We didn’t have to call in a contractor to consult with us–we already had him with us as we explored various neighborhoods and aging homes. Dottie and Allen Upchurch

Winston-Salem, N.C.

The Tharp Group motto of “Service Beyond the Sale” couldn’t be truer. After looking at so many homes I lost count, my husband and I finally found and purchased our home. Wayne was amazingly patient with us. At no time did we ever feel pressured or uncomfortable about this lengthy process. In addition to his warm and witty personality, his comprehensive knowledge of the housing field astounded us. Wayne’s inspection background aided our search tremendously. Also, he was always prompt when answering emails or phone calls, which is very hard to find today. We really can’t say enough about how pleased we were to have Wayne as our realtor. We highly recommend him! Thank you Wayne! William & Christina Clayton

Winston-Salem, NC

Words cannot adequately express our satisfaction with how Wayne Tharp handled our real estate sale. Wayne went above and beyond what is typically expected in a real estate sale, due to some special circumstances with our particular situation. He was always prompt in his contacts with us, always responsive to any of our needs and concerns, always professional. I would not hesitate for an instant to work with Wayne and The Tharp Group in the future! Thank you, Wayne! Judy Moore and Joni Barnhardt

Dear Fellow Board Members,

For your information, Mr Wayne Tharp will be selling his unit ( # 594) in the Lakes this week. Wayne has been an asset to The Lakes, helping in many areas. Wayne and wife,Judy still live in their regular home in Spyglass. Wayne is an excellent Real Estate Broker, Construction Builder and you name it. You may want to utilize his services.

He deserves a “Thank You” from all of us for his contributions.

Dave Law

Board of Directors, The Lakes @ Bermuda Run, N.C.