Closed Price to List Price Ratio

Forsyth County 2014 $100,000-$200,000


What does this data mean to Buyers and Sellers?

For Buyers, it helps you to determine the price range to consider when making an offer. Your agent can provide the data for the area you are considering, and you can then make an informed offer on the home you have chosen. If you really think this is the home you have been looking for, then you would want to consider making your offer in the range given for each month.

January and February could be in the higher range because Sellers used this data to make adjustments in December to the List Price to close the home avoiding all the cost for holding the home until the better market period. May, June, and July are usually the best market times in our area because Sellers want their home sold and Buyers usually want to make their move to relocate before school starts or moving while they have vacation time available. Agents provide this data to Sellers, to help them determine the List Price for their home for a given market period.

Agents use this information to help the party they are representing obtain the best price for the home. All parties must consider the market conditions and their desire to close on a property

Closed Price to List Price Rati0

Davie County 2014 $100,000-$200,000


Note: All the data used was taken directly from the Triad MLS. The accuracy cannot be guaranteed. No information on For Sale By Owners was considered.