Chillin’ after a long walk along the Southport, NC waterfront. What a beautiful, serene, and laid back town located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. Living along the coast is magical. Watching the birds fly, the water flow and the marsh grasses sway are only a few of life’s enchanting waterfront activities.

This beauty carries risks, though, as storms like hurricanes can tear ravaging through the area doing millions of dollars in damage. Thus, building a home along the coast, though carries a few more risks than typical building. That risk is mitigated as much as possible in the construction of homes and businesses through mandated protections, such as stronger wood components, bracing, strapping, tie downs, windows with higher wind ratings and additional engineering costs. This adds to the avg. cost per square foot of $1 to $3. This extra expense shouldn’t deter ones desire to live in such a beautiful place; but, knowing and considering the extra expenses before even thinking about the project is a must.



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